A Wall Of Inspiration

This page is full of what inspires me. It exists because more often than I would like to admit, I need messages like this, I need the quotes from those that provide wisdom, I need a quick shot of “why”, and I need to be reminded that there are so many reasons to get up and give it your all every day. I hope these inspiring quotes, videos, and resources help you push the limits of your existence and design, create, build, and enjoy a reality that makes it all worth it.

Some Inspiring Quotes

Some Inspiring Videos

There are so many inspirational videos out there, and a ton of them are embellished with dramatic music but the substance is shallow and uninspiring, at least for me. To be the production quality is nice, but I want substance more than anything. Below are a few of my favorites. I update this frequently so feel free to keep coming back.

Anxiety & Depression

I won’t get into the politics behind the controversy Dr. Jordan Peterson, but feel free to look into it yourself, but I will say that the man is a legend and his messages deserve to be heard. The more I learn about him and his work, the more inspired I am.

Fears & Insecurities

I will let this video speak for itself. Let it burn.

The Biggest Reason For Failure

The idea here is obvious, but it is not easy. You can essentially have anything you want in this life. If you clearly identify what is you want, remove your excuses, and do whatever it takes, you can in fact get what you want out of life.

Don’t Talk About Your Goals

Although I do believe there are reasons why you would want to talk about your goals with those that can help push you along, the idea presented here, that you go accomplish something and not tell a soul is pretty powerful.

You’re Stronger Than You Think

Be the best version of yourself as often as you possibly can. Like anything else, you do that enough, and you will shape character and discipline that you never thought possible.

Dealing With Dark Times

No matter how dark your life gets, there is a way out. You can slowly crawl out of the hole you or your circumstances have dug. Shorten your timeframe and cope with one day at a time.

Faith, Intention, and Association

Ed Mylett breaks down why our faith, our intentions, and our associations are all it takes to keep pushing forward, but we must keep them all front and center.