Here is a list of books, tools, resources, and more that I find make life a little bit easier, more productive, and more meaningful.

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My Favorite Gear

Bose QC20 In-Ear Headphones
Without these headphones, I would have certainly lost days or even weeks worth of focused work over the last few years. These headphones are hands down the most important purchase for anyone working in a busy environment. I personally work out of a coworking space and often spend time in coffee shops getting it done. Without these headphones I would be far less productive.

Apple Airpods
While the Bose headphones mentioned above are perfect for staying focused during work, the Apple Airpods are perfect for taking calls and going on short walks in between work sessions. They are also perfect for travel. After getting a pair of these I can’t stand going back to wired headphones while talking on the phone.

My Favorite Business Tools

I have joked over the years that Asana is the heart of my businesses. If my businesses had a heart, it would without a doubt be Asana. It is the very thing that keeps me and my staff accountable, on task, and projects on time. I would be completely lost without it. The price has gone up over the years, and there is a lot of competition out there, but I can say with confidence that it is still worth every dollar, and the competition just can’t keep up.

Because it is Google. I still am not sure how I feel about the company as a whole, but their suite of tools from Google Analytics, and Search Console to Google Sheets and Drive make it hard to go anywhere else for these services. Keeping everything organized is a breeze and they continue to upgrade their products, as a good multi-billion-dollar company should.

Pipedrive saved my sales tracking ass when building my first company nobox creatives and have continued to use it for every other business I have built. It is affordable, effective, intuitive, and the support is unbeatable. I have been a huge fan for years now and hope you become one too. The link is an affiliate link that gets you a 30 day free trial vs the usual 14-day trial. Hope you enjoy using it as much as I do!

SEMRush is a game-changer for anyone that wants to actually make an impact with SEO. Their keyword research tools, social media analyzers, and competitive landscape tools (just to name a few) make marketing online so much easier. I cannot recommend their tool enough.

From WordPress themes and plugins to stock video and music, this is the company I wish I had started years ago. They are killing it and for good reason, they offer amazing products, customer service is on point, and they are constantly improving everything they do. Amazing company and a must-have resource for anyone building a company.

My Favorite Books

How To Win Friends and Influence People –

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People –

The Power of Habit –

Good to Great –

Start With Why –

School for Startups –

Lean Startup –

Getting Things Done –

E-Myth Revisited –

Purple Cow –

Tribes –

Four Hour Workweek –

Tools of Titans –

Smarter Faster Better –

$100 Startup –

5 Dysfunctions of a Team –

The Power of Broke –

Crush It –

Business Model Generation –

Delivering Happiness –

Personal MBA –

Good to Great –

Effective Executive –

Shoe Dog –

Elon Musk –

Scaling Up –

Essentialism –

War of Art –

Referral Engine –

Happiness Advantage –

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