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A bit about me…

I try to stay busy. I write on Medium, I take pictures, I build web design, chiropractic marketing, and online marketing companies in Atlanta, I work with a local non-profit to end recidivism, I build things, I travel as often as I can, and much more. If you are interested in hiring me to speak or help you grow your business with online marketing feel free to reach out.

I really enjoy working with good people to build and scale businesses.

Need help growing your business with high quality leads?
Fantastic! That is exactly what my company Juxt Media does. We use compelling stories about your company and your clients to get the attention of new clients and deliver the leads right to your inbox.
Need to rebuild your website or build a stronger online presence?
Great news! My company nobox creatives rebuilds websites and manages SEO campaigns to clean up your online presence and get you found for people searching for your products or services. And we do it quite well if I don’t say so myself.
Looking for a consultant to help tidy up your marketing efforts?
I have been consulting for several years in multiple industries and would love to help your company exceed your goals. If you are looking for an online marketing consultant, we should chat.